Vite: The New Kid on the Block

Vite is an amazing tool that has the potential to streamline the traditionally sluggish task of bundling modules in JavaScript, but it also comes with some losses.

It is able to take care of about 90% of the configuration tasks normally involved when using npm, Gulp, Rollup, Parcel, etc. The usage is very convenient on new projects, but the integration of such a brand new tool in existing projects comes with its drawbacks.

This talk will look at the technology that drives Vite: What makes Vite an opinionated development tool and how does it compare to other builders? We will try to openly discuss this movement.


  • This talk will be an overview on how to review new technologies like Vite and how to use them in a modern landscape.
  • Basic JavaScript, Node.js, and browser knowledge is very useful here.


  • Attendees will learn more about the history of web development and how to review new frameworks and technologies.
  • You will learn about new browser technologies and how we can use them now as developers with Vite.



Sjoerd Valk
Sjoerd Valk is a frontend developer with a passion for design and a passion for optimizations on browser performance.

Dennis Spierenburg
Dennis Spierenburg is a specialized frontend developer with experience in JavaScript, Vue and React. He loves to discover new technologies and tries to share his knowledge with as many people as possible.


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