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Modern Design Systems with Angular

Say goodbye to manual coding. Design styles magically transform from Figma into ready-to-use component styles, saving you tons of time. This system acts as your central hub, offering not just storage but a comprehensive toolbox for crafting reusable website building blocks.

Think of Storybook as your personal UI playground. Each element is meticulously built and tested within its own dedicated space, ensuring flawless functionality. This "living guide" serves as a valuable resource for both designers and developers, showcasing how each component operates and appears visually.

Streamlined development becomes the norm as efficiency is unleashed. Developers can focus on creating and testing components with the assistance of crystal-clear documentation. Automated workflows further elevate efficiency, making the development process smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.


  • Basic understanding and experience with modern frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc.


  • Master the art of design system automation with Angular and Figma.
  • Utilize Storybook as a collaborative platform to build, test, and document UI components.
  • Implement streamlined development workflows that enhance efficiency and communication between designers and developers.



Julia Rapczynska
Julia Rapczynska is a Full Stack Developer at specialized in helping companies to create cohesive and scalable web applications. Passioned about building reusable Angular components to make projects more flexible and development easier.






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