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SVGs at Light Speed: Mastering SVG Optimization in Modern Web Applications

A deep dive into the world of SVG performance optimizations in Angular applications and the web: Discover how rendering optimization, lazy loading, and server-side rendering with transfer state can significantly enhance SVG performance.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of common SVG implementations, comparing Ionic, angular-svg-icon, and Angular Material. This session will conclude with an exploration of ngx-fast-svg, an innovative open-source alternative designed with optimal performance and developer experience in mind.


This talk is for junior, intermediate, and senior developers interested in improving their application performance. The only prerequisite is some basic performance knowledge and curiosity.


  • Learn to optimize SVG rendering in web apps
  • Understand lazy loading and server-side SVG rendering in Angular
  • Compare SVG tools: Ionic, angular-svg-icon, Angular Material
  • Discover ngx-fast-svg for better performance
  • Gain practical tips for SVG optimization



Christopher Holder
Christopher Holder is a Full Stack Engineer at He does consulting and auditing on Angular applications to help companies optimize their application architecture and performance. As an open source contributor, he collaborates on projects that help make the web faster and speed regression by making testing performance easier and scalable.


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