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Architecture for Large-Scale Vue.js Applications

Join this talk on structuring maintainable Vue 3 apps. Emphasizing adherence to standards and optimal tooling, discover the significance of the Vue.js style guide and officially recommended tools like Vite and Storybook. Explore IDE optimizations, TypeScript benefits, and the simplicity of integrating TypeScript with Vue 3. Uncover the importance of naming conventions for routes and components and the flexibility gained by wrapping third-party dependencies. Overall elevate your Vue.js development with practical insights.


  • Having some Vue.js knowledge is helpful


Learn more about how to create scalable codebases that still work with hundreds of files.



Lisi Linhart
Lisi Linhart is a Principal Frontend Architect at Storyblok. Her previous experiences include teaching web developement at a university as well as working on various websites and applications. She enjoys being involved in the community, organized a conference and often speaks at conferences about the web.


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