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The Keys to an Accessibility Mindset

How do you get started with web accessibility?

It's easy to get lost amongst the trees of accessibility. In this no-code talk, we will zoom out to look at the forest as a whole. Explore how assistive technologies understand or, in some cases, don't understand common design and development patterns with screen recorded demos. Without looking at a single line of code, we will learn how to make decisions at the earliest stages of design and development to positively impact our users.

We will learn that accessible design is good design. And with the keys to an accessibility mindset, we will learn how to make our products more accessible in a way that feels natural.


To best understand this talk, it would be good to have experience in writing HTML and CSS. However, because this is a no-code talk, all the key points are demonstrated using screen recorded videos of using VoiceOver on Mac. So, even without the experience in coding, you can learn how decisions about coding have an impact on people.


  1. We learn how accessible decisions benefit all of us, whether we know it or not.
  2. We learn about POUR principles of accessibility with a few examples.
  3. We learn to apply the POUR principles with keys like:
    * Markup is functional, not visual.
    * Markup must communicate as clearly as design.
    * Use more than color to indicate state.



Daniel Yuschick
Daniel Yuschick is a frontend developer and accessibility advocate in Helsinki, Finland. He's most passionate about great chocolate, beautiful tattoos, and bridging design and development to create accessible and intuitive design systems.


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