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Web App Optimization [Remote Talk]

Optimisation is an unavoidable step in complex applications. The question is: At what stage of the application's lifetime it is done and at what cost?

By understanding what's behind the JavaScript engine, one can prevent performance issues by writing better javascript and avoid a big percentage of the optimisation phase.

In this talk we will learn about the JS engine, how it works and how it relates to runtime performance. We will then dive into practical examples from real life applications. Using live coding, we will see how to monitor and fix performance issues. By the end of this talk you will have the knowledge to solve common performance bottlenecks and monitor your app to easily debug.


  • Basic knowledge in JavaScript


  • How to profile a JS application
  • What is and how to see the Critical Rendering Path
  • What is and how to trace and solve layout reflow
  • What is and how to trace and reduce garbage collection
  • How to solve common runtime performance issues in JavaScript



Yonatan Kra
Yonatan Kra has been involved in some awesome projects in the academy and the industry – from C/C++ through Matlab to PHP and JavaScript. Former CTO at Webiks and software architect at WalkMe. Currently he is a software architect at Vonage and an egghead instructor.


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