A-proxy-mately Everything You Should Know About Proxies

The proxy object has been available since ES6, but the 2019 State of JS survey showed that only 17.3 % of JavaScript developers have actually used it. Proxies allow us to add a layer of customized behavior to JavaScript with relative ease by providing powerful metaprogramming.

Let's take a deep dive into the proxy API, discuss use cases, and understand the syntax by learning how to use a trap, a handler, and a target.


Basic JavaScript knowledge


* Understand what a proxy is
+ Discover use cases for proxies
* Understand the syntax and be able to write their own proxy




Robin Dykema
Robin Dykema is a UI engineer at Taulia, where she focuses on front end development in React. She is passionate about building intuitive user experiences and petting all things fluffy. She successfully transitioned from teaching ESL to kindergarteners in Shanghai to wrangling code and hasn't looked back since.



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