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Build Me a Web App... With Memory Leaks Please (How to Detect and Fix Memory Leaks with Chrome DevTools)

Rakia'll show how to improve the user experience by improving the web performance and fixing memory leaks. I'll follow the "measure, optimize, and monitor” process and apply it to a real-world application.

She'll show how to leverage Chrome DevTools and how to generate and understand reports and charts like Heap Snapshot and Performance Timeline Record to achieve our goal. She'll break down as well the different types of performance problems that a web app could suffer from (slow load and a crippled user experience just after calling a web page, bad performance after long-lived sessions...)

She'll share also with which kind of features, should we expect to face a bad performance and how to handle it.


  • Attendees should know how to use the bowser and open a web page in it. Little JavaScript, HTML, and CSS will be helpful


  • A bad web performance could kill our applications and in many cases, it shows up only in production. I would like to increase our awareness about this problem and show how to fix it. The presentation aims to help developers knowing how to debug memory leaks, garbage collection issues, and understand how the browser works and treats their implemented code.



Rakia Ben Sassi
Rakia Ben Sassi Senior Software Engineer, TechLead & Content Creator. She writes about engineering, technology, and leadership on her Blog.






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