Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten für eine tolle enterJS 2024! Im Herbst geht es weiter mit Online-Events zu React und Barrierefreiheit im Web

Runtime Optimization Patterns – From Games to Your Application

The gaming industry leads the way when it comes to squeezing the end-user's machine. Gamers expect a flawless real-life experience. So do your applications users.

In this talk, Yonatan will go over optimization patterns that are used in the gaming industry and see how they can be utilized in web applications in order to boost performance.

What are you going to learn:
  • Practical optimization design patterns
  • How does your code interact with computer hardware and how to maximize this knowledge
  • Real world use cases of using the design patterns


  • JavaScript


  • Learn how JavaScript code runs on the machine and what can be done to optimize it
  • We will go over the following design patterns: Object pool, Flyweight and Data locality. With examples used in production for all of them



Yonatan Kra
Yonatan Kra has been involved in some awesome projects in the academy and the industry – from C/C++ through Matlab to PHP and JavaScript. Former CTO at Webiks and Software Architect at WalkMe. Currently, he is a software architect at Vonage and an egghead instructor.






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