Im Herbst bietet die enterJS zwei Online-Events zu React und Barrierefreiheit im Web.

Using Modern Browser APIs to Kill a Working Drone

The web is becoming the main means through which people interact with technologies. The modern browser is more than simply a way of viewing files; it has become a full-fledged application host – providing developers with a full set of capabilities to create transformative user experiences.

In this talk, Nhlanhla Lucky will show the power and ease of use of these browser APIs by flying a drone with fruits, Twitter, and hand-gestures; right from the browser.

If you're interested in developing enhanced user experiences, IoT, and custom controllers – all of this with JavaScript, this talk is for you.


  • None. Only basic JavaScript is used


  • How to access Modern Browser APIs and make sense of the data
  • How to use web-Bluetooth to communicate with external devices.
  • The importance of exploring alternative UX ideas in order to create more accessible experiences on the web



Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi
Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi is a software developer in the Research and Unit Division of BBD Software - a South African bespoke software development firm with a global presence. Lucky is a board member of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation – established to combat racism in South Africa and is the co-organizer of Jozi.JS – the JavaScript monthly meetup in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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