High-Speed Web Applications: Beyond the Basics

The Chrome DevTools are a powerful addition to the developer's toolset that allows finding and eliminating your app's performance bottlenecks. In this workshop, we will explore the exciting hidden DevTools features.


  • No previous knowledge needed


  • Web Vitals – what they are and how to measure them
  • Scripting, parsing, and prioritization
  • Network analysis and request debugging
  • The browser’s rendering pipeline
  • How to read the performance timeline
  • Frame drop, and why we should care about it
  • Scheduling techniques and scheduling priority
  • HTML structures, their styling and rendering in a browser
  • The Paint Flash APIs and scroll performance issues
  • Layer composition, layer squashing, and reflow triggers
  • Main thread scheduling and non-blocking UIs in Angular



Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky is a Google Developer Expert (GDE), Microsoft MVP, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular and RxJS. For years he has helped companies and developers to set up scalable architectures and performant processes enabling teams to keep up with state of the art development.


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