Fully Zone-Less – High-Performance Angular applications in post Ivy

The async pipe is boring!

Understand the guts of Angulars change detection and why zone.js is your biggest enemy. Learn the trick on template bindings, component rendering, and where you pay the biggest price.

As the tip of the iceberg, you will learn how to identify and avoid blocking UIs by analyzing flame charts and leverage task scheduling. In the end, you will be able to build applications with zone-less performance even in a zone-full environment.


- Zone.js is your biggest enemy
- The difference between state and template


- Make your production app blazingly fast
- Get an expert with Angulars change detection
- Understand scheduling and coalescing
- Detect blocking UIs over the performance tools




Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky is located in Vienna, Austria. He is a certified Google Developer Expert, trainer, developer, and consultant in frontend development with a focus on Angular, RxJS, Typescript and Ionic. His higher goal is to change the way how the current industry is approaching knowledge, learning, and education. Therefore he develops unique approaches in teaching software development and team culture.



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