There and Back Again: How To Build Faster and More Resilient SPAs in Less Time Adopting the MPA Mental Model

A story about why we drank the SPA kool-aid, realized there are considerable drawbacks to this, and now are gradually changing to new meta-frameworks that bring back the best of classical MPAs.

This talk is about the weaknesses of SPAs and the benefits of server-side rendering. Furthermore, we look at the long-forgotten art of progressive enhancement.


  • Experience with building applications with frameworks like React, Vue oder Svelte
  • Basic experience with meta-frameworks like Next, Nuxt or SvelteKit


  • The problems of SPAs
  • How meta-frameworks can help us solve those
  • Why progressive enhancement is (still) important



Markus Oberlehner
Markus Oberlehner has been programming for 15 years. Professional Web Developer for 12 years. Currently working as a Software Architect for Vue.js and TDD enthusiast. Open Source is his passion—creator of vue-lazy-hydration.


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