Angular Elements in Production

Have you ever set up different builds for the same project? Well, if you want to use your Angular Elements in angular and stand alone you have to. I am sure you ended up with **multiple versions polyfills.ts, main.ts, environment.ts**. At least one custom build-step outside of the CLI and a painfully time-consuming process in the development and testing phase of the different versions was the result.

To solve it, an all in one solution will be presented. A new API contract in the build and serve process will be introduced and Angular’s bundle-entries will also be modified to get peak performance and smallest bundle size for our web component. I will leverage the **architect API and builders ONLY** to produce multiple different versions of your component or even application, based on Angular’s default project structure.


- no tweaks outside of the CLI
- no separate build steps
- no multiple versions main.ts/polyfills.ts etc.

In this talk, the shipping of multiple different versions of web-components from the same code-base will be shown.




Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky is located in Vienna, Austria. He is a certified Google Developer Expert, trainer, developer, and consultant in frontend development with a focus on Angular, RxJS, Typescript and Ionic. His higher goal is to change the way how the current industry is approaching knowledge, learning, and education. Therefore he develops unique approaches in teaching software development and team culture.



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