Deep diving on Concurrent React

Writing fluid user interfaces becomes increasingly challenging as the application complexity increases. Thankfully, the React core team has been putting a lot of effort to improve this since the React Fiber rewrite – and, more recently, with features like Time Slicing, Suspense and a few new libraries resulting from Fiber.

Yet, in a world where all we hear are hooks™, the way these different pieces of the Concurrent React umbrella work is not always well detailed.

That's why we’ll explore how properly scheduling UI work improves your app’s user experience by diving into Concurrent React and learning how it improves the responsiveness of web applications.


Regular knowledge on JavaScript, React.js and its ecosystem.


My main goal is to bring an overview on React Fiber and Concurrent React with a chronological list of features, explaining how stuff happens under the hood, and showing how concurrently rendering, suspending, and resuming frames in the background while remaining interactive can help the overall application's user experience.




Matheus Albuquerque
Matheus Albuquerque is a client-side architect – with an iOS and Node.js background – currently working as a front-end engineer at STRV, a San Francisco-based strategy, design, and engineering company with clients across the whole America and Europe.



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