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Developer Enablement with Backstage

The developers in your organisation are reinventing the technical wheel every day. Besides coding, they need to handle cross-cutting issues like ops, compliance and security. This takes time, results in a large technical footprint, and inevitable many of the solutions don’t match the best practices you would hope for.

Backstage, an open-source platform created by Spotify for building developer portals, aims to help you solve these problems. In this talk I’ll introduce Backstage with live coding and demonstrate the primary benefits, the drawbacks, and the alternatives.

As companies grow autonomous development teams, they end up with a fragmented and complex software ecosystem which is hard to understand or keep an overview of. Backstage provides a central place to find all the company software and related documentation. Additionally, it allows the promotion of software templates to free developers from infrastructure complexty and get them up and running fast with best-practices solutions


  • None


  • You'll leave the talk with a good idea of whether Backstage could help you, and if so, some arguments to help convince decision makers in your organisation to support it.



John Fletcher
John Fletcher 's first job was as a professional snowboarder, winning the Junior World Championship in 1999. Since then, he has spent 20 years developing software across Australia, Spain and Germany. He continues to build software, loves to speak at conferences and trains people to accelerate companies from the bottom up, using technical excellence, human interaction and fun.






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