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Domain-Driven Transformation – How to Split Up Your Monolith

Today we know very well how to start a new project on a greenfield and how to build a good architecture. But most of us work in projects that have been around for a long time and whose architecture (to put it mildly) is not quite so beautiful. "Monolith" and "Big Ball of Mud" are the unflattering labels put on such systems.

This talk will show how we can introduce (or bring back) structure. Every system is different here, so it's important to first understand where you are. Then the right steps have to be taken. The talk will present a catalog of refactorings to choose from and heuristics which are the right choices.


  • Experience with large software systems


  • A catalog of refactorings to choose from and heuristics which are the right choices
  • The catalog contains refactorings that help to cure: BBOM architecture, anemic domain models, and badly organized teams.



Henning Schwentner
Henning Schwentner loves programming in high quality. He lives this passion as coder, coach, and consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions. There he helps teams to structure their monoliths or to build new systems from the beginning with a sustainable architecture.






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