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Speeding Up Your Angular App: Techniques for Optimizing Rendering Performance

In my talk, I'll provide a clear and detailed explanation of the problem of poor rendering performance in an Angular application.

I'll use specific examples (case study) and techniques such as DevTools Performance Monitor and Performance Timeline Record to give a technical understanding of the issue.

I'll also provide a step-by-step process for investigating and solving the problem. My content would be useful for developers who are familiar with Angular and are interested in improving the performance of their applications.


  • Basic Angular, JavaScript, HTML, Chrome DevTools


  • Understanding the performance issue of rendering a large number of fields in an Angular application and identifying the cost of this rendering in terms of CPU usage and resources
  • Investigating and optimizing the performance using browser DevTools such as the Performance Monitor and Performance Timeline Record
  • Identifying the source of the performance problem by analyzing the source code and understanding how to optimize it



Rakia Ben Sassi
Rakia Ben Sassi is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, senior freelance software engineer, a content creator and WTM Ambassador. She is active on Medium (130+ articles), YouTube, and gives a Udemy course (18K students).






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