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SolidStart: Start getting Solid!

Solid.js grabbed fine-grained reactivity, threw away the virtual DOM, and delivered a framework whose performance almost matches optimized vanilla JavaScript. Let's get meta and orchestrate routing, multiple rendering modes, several deployment adapters, web standards, and more to build a solid new framework that runs on top of Solid.js.

Get ready to learn a brand-new meta-framework that, while gathering the best things of modern frontend, gives you a solid way of building web applications and helps you learn Solid.js in the process: SolidStart!


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Some awareness of Solid.js or other JavaScript frameworks


  • Introduction to SolidStart
  • How SolidStart helps use Solid.js to build production-ready applications
  • Understand fine-grained reactivity and how Solid leverages it
  • Code examples to help everyone understand how SolidStart does routing, state management, multiple rendering modes, and more
  • Learn how to create a Solid app using SolidStart and see how it even helps you relearn the web



Daniel Afonso
Daniel Afonso is a Developer Advocate at OLX Group. His current interest is in React and JavaScript, and he advocates for better testing principles using the testing library. He has a full-stack background, having worked with different languages and frameworks on various projects from IoT to Fraud Detection.






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