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Config Driven UI Using React.js [Remote Talk]

We at Microsoft are rethinking the way we use React.js as frontend devs. Traditional React UI design patterns result in redundant code, making code maintainability cumbersome. By making UI config driven, we supercharged React components by making the config file a single source of truth.

The above approach made it easier to onboard new UI scenarios quickly and with minimal regression in the old UI flows, resulting in a significant reduction in dev efforts. The best part is that all the code was kept in TypeScript only – no XML or other declarative languages were used.


  • React.js basics
  • TypeScript/JavaScript basics


  • New React.js design patterns, namely config driven UI pattern
  • How the above design pattern helped reduce redundant code and reduced dev effort
  • How to use Redux with the config driven design pattern



Joban Singh
Joban Singh is currently working as a software engineer at Microsoft Azure. He has been developing planet-scale for the past two years and would like to share his experience with working on cutting-edge innovation Microsoft is doing for React.js, especially rethinking the way to define UI in react.






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