Im Herbst bietet die enterJS zwei Online-Events zu React und Barrierefreiheit im Web.

Keynote: NFTs and the End of Capitalism

NFTs are a new trend in the art world, but what are they and what are you really getting when you buy one? Are they a revolution in what art means or a scam? We'll discuss English feudal lords, Marvel movies, what it means to own something and of course, the end of capitalism.



Steve Upton
Steve Upton is a Quality Analyst at Thoughtworks who works to build empowered teams, capable of delivering and taking ownership of quality. He has worked on a wide variety of products, from mainframes to microservices and has a particular interest in complex socio-technical systems and how we work with them. He is passionate about complexity theory, building quality into culture and testing as part of continuous delivery in modern, distributed architectures. Outside of work, Steve enjoys travel and mountains.


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