Im Herbst bietet die enterJS zwei Online-Events zu React und Barrierefreiheit im Web.

Keynote: The Human Factor in Innovation

Have you ever had a great idea, which no one understood (yet) or wanted to actually use? Or did some people like it, but you are still far away from a mainstream market?

One of the greatest challenges in an innovation process is inevitably the human component. As a certified Psychologist and a seasoned practitioner in UX, Martina is glad to untangle this dependent variable in a human language. She will also make you familiar to a systematic approach to understanding and incorporating it firmly in your process, backed up by a couple of real work examples.



Martina Mitz
Martina Mitz started as a self-taught Web Designer in 1999. From the very beginning her approach was user-centered despite not being familiar with the now-common phrase of ‘User Experience’(UX). In 2007 she finalized her (Diploma-) study in Psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. It was at this point that Martina’s academic background and her passion joined and she started a career as UX Designer, being called “Conceptioner” at first.


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