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Building Design Systems with SvelteKit

Find out more about what makes up a design system and how you can easily build and ship them with SvelteKit. We'll go over the pieces that make up a design system and the differences between them.

Then, we will discuss how to implement the design system in a SvelteKit application by going over code structure, layout, and how to use different CSS frameworks. Finally, we will discuss SvelteKit's built-in package command that we can use to ship our new design system.


  • Basic HTML, CSS, and JS understanding would be helpful
  • Some understanding of how front-end frameworks and Svelte syntax could be helpful, but not necessary as everything will be explained


  • Learn the foundations of a good design system
  • How to structure your code for readability and organization
  • How to implement different CSS styles into SvelteKit
  • How to package and ship your design system with SvelteKit
  • and NPM



Brittney Postma
Brittney Postma is a designer, frontend dev, and instructor at She is a self-taught developer that started as a stay-at-home mom and made her way into the tech business. She currently works at Grainger as a software engineer building a component library and design system. She founded the Svelte Sirens, the first Svelte Society for women and non-binary. She is passionate about CSS and responsive design principles and loves to work with new technologies, especially on the Jamstack. She volunteers as a mentor in several discord communities and loves helping others achieve their goals.






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