Building a serverless GraphQL API in 10 Minutes (Node.js, DynamoDB, Lambda) [Remote Talk]

In this session, Sven will guide you through:
  1. Architecture of a serverless GraphQL API deployed on top of AWS cloud
  2. Monolithic Lambda vs. microservices lambda tradeoffs
  3. The easiest way to create a scalable GraphQL API using Node.js
    1. Infrastructure as Code using Pulumi
    2. Scaffolding a GraphQL API using webiny-cli
    3. Deploying and testing the API
  4. Adopting the "cloud native" development methodology

[The Speaker will present his talk live remotely and do a moderated Q&A session afterwards]


  • No previous knowledge necessary


  • Show the architecture of a serverless application
  • Quick overview of how serverless differs to virtual machines and containers
  • Some benefits of serverless
  • Demonstrate how quick and easy it is to scaffold a Node.js-based GraphQL API on top of AWS using webiny-cli
  • Provide an overview of infrastructure as (JS) Code using Pulumi open-source library
  • Provide top tips on how to manage cold starts by reducing the bundle size of the node app



Sven Al Hamad
Sven Al Hamad is founder of Webiny, the first open-source CMS built fully on serverless architecture. Active open-source believer and contributor. Went from being a developer to being an entrepreneur. Previously co-founded Kisha, the world's first smart umbrella.


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