Multicore JavaScript: Past, Present and Future [Remote Talk]

As JavaScript applications get more and more complex, improved performance is on everyone's minds. In the meantime, computers are evolving: CPU hardware is scaling with multi-core, big.LITTLE rather than frequency.

Where does JavaScript stand in this new world and how can it adapt? What role will WebAssembly play in this? What are the current tools and techniques developers can use to develop performant JavaScript applications and what is in store for the future? These are the few questions that we will answer in the course of this presentation.

[The Speaker will present his talk live remotely and do a moderated Q&A session afterwards]


  • General understanding of JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of concurrency and parallelism


This talk tries to present a new vision for JavaScript that TC39 is working on, the idea is to give an insight into what's planned and also solicit feedback and contribution.



Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma is a Compilers Hacker at Igalia working on TC39 and V8, Editor of ECMA-402, a Node.js Core Collaborator, a TC39 Delegate and an International Speaker. He loves to talk about open source software, decentralization, cryptography, JavaScript and web standards.


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