It's a (Testing) Trap! – Common Testing Pitfalls and How to Solve them

"It's a trap!" is a call or feeling we all might be familiar with, not only when it comes to Star Wars. This situation is an excellent allegory for an unpleasant realization in testing. Imagine having the best intentions when it comes to testing but still ending up with tests failing to deliver you any value at all? Tests who are feeling like a pain to deal with?

When writing frontend tests, there are lots of pitfalls on the way. In sum, they can lead to lousy maintainability, slow execution time, and – in the worst-case – tests you cannot trust. But it doesn't have to be that way. Let's get to know Ramona's biggest mistakes when it comes to testing in Jest and Cypress and how to avoid these traps.


  • This talk is targeted to developers on all levels, but a bit of knowledge in unit- or end-to-end testing is required
  • Basic knowledge of the Jest and Cypress testing frameworks is a plus


  • The attendee should grow more confident in writing clean unit- and end-to-end tests. While showing common mistakes, best practices, and solutions we can support each other in raising the quality of our tests and having fun while doing so



Ramona Schwering
Ramona Schwering After her apprenticeship as an application developer, Ramona has contributed to product development at shopware AG for more than six years: First in quality assurance and now as a software developer. She owns both views of the product - that of a tester and that of a developer. Ramona uses this primarily to strengthen trust in test automation and to support the testers.


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