Mittwoch, 12:05 Uhr

Battle of the Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are like weeds. New frameworks pop up at an unprecedented speed. Front-end developers nowadays find it hard to keep up with the latest technologies.

I will share what I have learned from writing the same app with three of the most popular JavaScript frameworks: React, Angular, and Vue. Furthermore, I will compare the concepts behind these frameworks and their ecosystems. And finally, I will give front-end developers tips on how to retain their sanity when faced with choosing a JavaScript framework.

My goal is to give front-end developers a systematic approach to choosing a JavaScript framework.

Lora Vardarova

Lora is a Software Engineer at Zalando. Previously, she has had many front-end development gigs around Europe and Australia. She is also very passionate about user experience, agile software development, and building inclusive workplaces.