Donnerstag, 11:10 Uhr

Unleash The Power of The Higher-order Components

Maintainable component structure is a crucial prerequisite for a stable React application. You can achieve this by writing your code in a functional way and using higher-order components (HoCs). The idea is to separate logic from presentation in your components.

This talk aims to show you how to define smart HoCs and use them to enhance presentational components. You will also learn how to compose several HoCs to get more complex logic. Sticking to this pattern, you will end up with reusable components that are readable and easy to test since each component is responsible only for a single task.

You’ll get the most out of this session if you have programmed in React before.

I would love to share my experience with fellow developers so they can use functional programming approach with the higher-order components in their React applications as well.

David Kopal

David is a front-end engineer focusing on modern JavaScript in all of its forms, especially React. He currently works as a Javascript Developer at