Donnerstag, 09:55 Uhr

Fun with Bluetooth

Time for JavaScript to get physical. With WebBluetooth the browser can actually take control of all kinds of physical devices in the real world like lightbulbs, robots and even drones. And nowadays you can even run JavaScript straight on microcontrollers and even little Bluetooth beacons.

This talk will teach you the basics that you need to get started and give a peek at some more advanced topics like building your own Bluetooth devices using just JavaScript.

* Why WebBluetooth?
* Bluetooth explanation (the boring theoretical stuff)
* The WebBluetooth API explained
* Examples of weird things I encountered
* Demos (the fun part)

No previous knowledge required, except familiarity with JavaScript.

Why this talk? Because it is an interesting subject that most web developers know very little of, or even do not know at all that this is possible. Because it shows a glimpse of what will be possible with the web platform in the future. And simply because it is an extremely fun talk.

During the demo's I will try to:
* Control a lightbulb
* Drive a LEGO car
* Draw on a pixel screen
* Print live tweets on a receipt printer
* Fly a drone

Niels Leenheer

Niels is a self-professed browser geek. He loves procrastinating, drawing monsters, procrastinating, researching obscure browsers and tinkering with hardware.