Mittwoch, 16:00 Uhr

Future Proof Frontend Coding: Decouple Your Dependencies

Almost every six months we have new frameworks or approaches in the front-end world. Sometime your project’s codebase become outdated before it is in production. These rapid changes are tiring and frustrating for developers time and time again.

This talks helps to visualize how to setup your codebase for changes with wrapping your dependencies in a standardized way.

Your internal modules are never aware of your external dependencies and do not even figure out if the dependency has changed. With standardizing your wrappers, you can update or change your external dependencies safely at any time.

* JavaScript tooling
* Basic front-end knowledge

* How to easily change/update their dependencies when needed
* How they will switch one dependency to another one
* Project organization
* Code standardization

Bilal Cinarli

Bilal is a Software Engineer working for Adidas and a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies. He is a big enthusiast of building maintainable and scalable front-ends. To achieve this goal, he maintains open-source projects such as Caffeine, Melange, Misto and UX Rocket. In day-to-day works, he works on mobile web apps and JavaScript applications for intranets and as well as client apps. He manages teams and optimizes the front-end development process.