Donnerstag, 12:05 Uhr

Satisfying the Need for Mobile Speed: Building the Ultimate PWA experience

The speed and performance of a webshop have an extreme influence on the behaviour of the visitors and potential customers. Growth in conversion rate, lowering the bounce rate and extending session length: it can all be done by optimising the performance.

Most website are slow - and Progessive Web Apps are finally here to make it fast. During this talk Fabian and Jamie Maria will show you their journey to satisfy their need for speed; building the ultimate mobile experience by building a PWA with just milliseconds page transitions.

For beginner and advanced audiences: The talk will be a nice mix between PWA basics (what it is and why) and how we incorporated the technology

You will learn what PWAs are and why they are the future. You will learn how to build super fast web apps by building good things from scratch instead of “fixing afterwards”.

Jamie Maria Schouren

Jamie Maria is addicted to e-commerce, in love with code and her mind bound to business. Driven by the urge for innovation she fights with the aim to improve the online world around her.

Fabian Schmengler

Fabian completed his degree in computer science at the RWTH Aachen with a focus on software engineering. For his thesis he choose to do an analysis of the typical problems encountered in the development of Magento modules.