Donnerstag, 14:45 Uhr

How Microsoft To-Do uses React

Microsoft To-Do is the new kid in the block of office apps. It is available for all native platforms, and of course as a web app. The web app is built using React, Redux and a bunch of additional libraries.

In this talk, we will learn some practical aspects and considerations of how to build a changeable and maintainable, yet well-performing web app using React, Redux and Reselect. The main focus will be on the "Independently Connected Components" approach, but we will mention some other ideas: mimicking relational databases, DDD, event sourcing, and state machines.

You will learn a non-conventional way of working with React components and front-end web apps in general.

Alexey Migutsky

Alexey is a Senior Engineer at Microsoft, building the Microsoft To-Do web app. He's interested in web app architecture during the day and in helping developers with their careers in the evenings.