Mittwoch, 16:55 Uhr

Impostor syndrome – am I suffering enough to talk about it?

Did you ever think: “Am I doing this right? Is this the right way I am going? Do I deserve what I get at the moment? Should I ask for a raise?” Then this talk is especially for you. I will give a brief introduction to the impostor syndrome and some techniques to escape the impostor zone.

I’ve heard about it for the first time 1 1/2 years ago and when I take a look back in time, I was suffering from it my whole life. I will talk about the signs of impostor syndrome and how to detect it by yourself. It’s hard to change your behaviour and get rid of the poisonous habit to question yourself every day.

I will tell my story as a (now) Web developer and DevRel and how long my journey was until I could accept myself as who I am. A web developer, a conference organiser and a kind human being.

Since I know that I suffer from the impostor syndrome, I’ve learned some techniques to escape the “bad zone” and would like to show them to people who are maybe suffering too.

Madeleine Neumann

Madeleine is a web developer and also DevRel at 9elements in Bochum. For 9elements, she organizes the JavaScript Conference RuhrJS (13th and 14th October 2018 in Bochum), the Meetups PottJS and Facebook Developer Circle Ruhr and loves to meet new people. In her free time she loves to draw, dance and sing karaoke (really bad, but does it matter?).