Donnerstag, 13:00 Uhr

KEYNOTE: Accessibility at Scale

Accessibility is a holistic practice, essential to some but useful to all. In an enterprise environment, the decisions we make about the technologies we use carry the weight of being used by many.

This talk will discuss the importance of creating software in such a way that it can be deployed to hundreds, if not thousands of people with the confidence that it can be used by the largest swath of people possible. It will also identify some common misconceptions new (and experienced) people working on accessibility may make, as well as highlighting some biases and myths in the industry. Finally, we will discuss strategies for how to integrate sustainable, natural-feeling workflows into your design, development, and quality assurance practices, to help ensure that these concerns are not neglected. Practical advice, tools, and resources will be shared.

Eric Bailey

Eric is a Boston-based designer working at thoughtbot. He helps create straightforward solutions that address a person's practical, physical, cognitive, and emotional needs using accessible, performant, device-agnostic technology.