Donnerstag, 15:15 Uhr

Dear Developer, The Web Isn't About You

The hardest lesson to learn in web development is the simple fact that not everyone is like you. This can come as a shock for the average web developer, an able-bodied young man, tech-savvy, and receiving an outrageously high salary for his daily coding. But the truth is that a majority of people face some kind of financial hardship, have low-specification devices, or face the world via some kind of disability or barrier. Most people simply can’t use computers the way that you assume they will.

“But I don’t code for those kind of people!”, you might cry, while sipping on your glass of warm Soylent. Well, this talk demonstrates how you don't have the luxury of assuming that. This talk will show that how someone interacts with your site is completely out of your control, and that making assumptions about your users and their situations will invariably fail.

But don't despair, because this talk will also show how coding empathically, developing code leanly, and embracing the intrinsic power of web standards will let you produce sites that are usable by everyone: sites that are robust in the face of anything the Weird Wild Web can throw at them.

* Zero. Well, you must vaguely understand what the web is.

* Empathy
* History of the web
* Fundamentals of robust web sites

Charlie Owen

Charlie is a front-end dev manager from the UK, currently living in Berlin. She has attained notoriety for being her foul mouthed tirades on social media, where she makes fun of the excesses and privilege of the tech industry. She advocates for a simpler approach to the web, and for how vital empathy and kindness are when building sites for our fellow humans.