Donnerstag, 09:00 Uhr

Micro-Frontends: a strive for fully verticalized systems

Microservice architectures brought us significant benefits, which allow us to structure teams based on business capabilities, improve scalability and enable the flexibility of being polyglot. Unfortunately, this powerful architecture is often complemented by a feature-rich browser application which ends up way to often in the creation of as a single, big and sprawling frontend-monolith.

The approach of micro-frontends is an effective way to tackle this problem and first appeared at the end of 2016 on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Upon a closer look at the advantages and challenges David has experienced in customer projects, it turns out that micro-frontends are not a silver bullet either.

* Software development with SPAs and a microservices architecture

* Concepts of microservices to the frontend world
* Importance of end-to-end verticals
* Difference of an orchestration- or choreography-based implementation
* Trade-offs in reusability

David Leitner

David is an enthusiastic software professional working for Senacor in various projects using a bunch of different stacks and environments.