Donnerstag, 16:15 Uhr

Creating experiences for people you don't (really) know

JS is fairly unique in combining development speed and large audiences. But more often than not, deploying quickly to a large number of (sub)cultures can become daunting. Developers and designers far too often fall into the mistake of either using their own preferences as user archetypes, or relegating the users into a faceless mass of market statistics.

Language, accessibility, legal, design, flow are all traditional hallmarks of internationalization. This talk will try to shed some light on just how deep the rabbit hole goes beyond simple I18n/L10n, and how developers can try to make content work for humans in general.

* Basic understanding of I18n and role of user studies in product development

* Learn all the gory details of what you need to consider developing applications and services when going truly intra/international

Attila Csipa
(Hewlett Packard)

Attila is a Software Lead for HP Inc, with a passion for UX prototyping and global deployment. He's a digital nomad, and has lived in more than five countries, and counting. He's a Microsoft and Nokia alumni.