Mittwoch, 16:00 Uhr

Error handling: Doing it right!

A journey into the asynchronous debugging horrors, how to avoid them and what patterns can be used to ease the life of each developer debugging applications.

We all have run into issues debugging JavaScript. Knowing what went wrong due to missing stack traces in asynchronous contexts and finding the actual issue takes way too long. Following best practices in error handling reduces debugging time and improves the code base a lot.

* Knowledge about the asynchronous nature of JS and the consequence for stack traces.
* Rudimentary knowledge about promises and async/await
* Debugging experience with production systems is helpful

* What patterns can be used to improve the code base and which ones to avoid to improve the debugging experience.

Ruben Bridgewater

Ruben is a Node.js collaborator and a software architect consultant. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy to use APIs for scalable and fast applications.