Donnerstag, 15:15 Uhr

Up and running with ReasonML

JavaScript development is hard. This is not only caused by so many available library and tooling choices, but also by the need to use many external libraries for you to work effectively. Fortunately, ReasonML is here and ready to help you out through writing cleaner and safer code thanks to its type system which is superior to TypeScript and Flow.

Unlike JavaScript, you'll need fewer dependencies since Reason has these features already built-in, meaning you'll get less complexity regarding the choices you need to make. Due to its syntax similarity with JavaScript and its integration with the JavaScript ecosystem, it’ll be easier for you to start building apps using Reason.

* Advanced knowledge of JavaScript

* The audience will understand the ideas behind Reason along with its core principles and they will be amazed that writing Reason is not that different from writing actual JavaScript.

David Kopal

Davidl is a functional programming enthusiast and software engineer at Blueberry.