Donnerstag, 16:15 Uhr

The Universal Serial Web

As a web developer it's easy to feel intimidated by the world of hardware hacking and the physical web. We have to leave our comfort zone and need to get familiar with a completely new development environment. But not anymore, thanks to wonderful possibilities that the WebUSB API brings to our browsers.

In this talk Sebastian will give an intro to the endless wonders developers can encounter in the hardware world through their browser windows. Aside from learning the basics of USB and serial port communication, he'll paint on USB displays, live tweet to receipt printers, control an Arduino and steal data from Android phones.

* Basic JavaScript knowledge required, everything that is specific to the topic will be addressed in the talk itself

This presentation is for web developers who...
* feel intimidated by the world of hardware hacking
* like to understand the basics of USB
* want to replace platform specific code with JS

Sebastian Golasch
(Deutsche Telekom)

Sebastian is just a mad man with one daughter and three cats and an IoT reverse engineer. Famous last words: "If I would've wanted to work in 'Enterprise', I’d have joined Starfleet."