Jamming with the JAMstack

These are exciting times for the web. First, we had static sites built page by page in HTML and CSS. Then, the LAMP stack came along and brought us unprecedented abilities by making content management accessible to all. But fifteen years later, the LAMP stack is starting to show its age, and modern new approaches are gaining traction. This new way of building websites and web apps comes under the category of the Jamstack, a new stack representing shiny new tools that put fast, secure and scalable sites in the hands of every developer.

In this talk we'll explore the evolution that brought us to the Jamstack, what it means and how we can use it, and the many different approaches to bringing the old web into the new web with innovative platforms.


Basic knowledge of web development


- Increase your knowledge so you can choose the best development tools for your needs
- Understand the evolution of the web and what it means for the future




Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab is the co-founder and CEO of Strattic, a static publishing platform for WordPress websites. Over the past 14 years, Miriam founded and built a leading global open-source web development company, taught herself how to code and became one of the top thought leaders and influencers within the Israeli startup and open-source spaces. In mid 2016, feeling the need to create something revolutionary in order to protect the internet in a completely new and massively scalable way, Miriam founded Strattic.



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