Boost your Real time Node.js server ‘s performance using WebAssembly

Boost your Node.js server's performance using WebAssembly. Wasm can be very handy when it comes to boosting your Node.js server performance. Let’s dive into an exciting adventure to achieve this.


A little knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript


This talk will cover a high-level overview of WebAssembly as a technology and will introduce some of the latest Wasm related features coming to Node.js. It will finally detail how to combine both technologies to boost your application’s performance




Lamis Chebbi
Lamis Chebbi Senior software engineer, Angular enthusiast, Vermeg. Lamis is an enthusiastic software engineer with a strong passion for the modern web, a member of WWCode Community, content creator, speaker and a trainer. She loves to share her knowledge about Angular and the web through participating in workshops and organizing training sessions. Empowering women and students is one of her highest priorities. Besides Angular and the web, Lamis loves music, traveling, chromotherapy and volunteering.



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