Develop for developers with Angular Schematics

Say hello to the Angular CLI from new perspective. Get to know what schematics are and how you can use them for the purpose of your team/product. Make use of ng add, ng update, ng new command and much more. Learn how to create read update and delete files automatically in your project, and how to execute npm tasks such as installing dependencies. 

Schematics is an underestimated part of Angular project. By using them, library developers gain super-powers to help their customers. You can adjust your customer projects with changes necessary to use the library you provide. Apart from that, Schematics is a great tool for enterprises, which need to maintain UI elements on behalf of multiple dev-teams.

In this talk, I am going to start from a high-overview of schematics framework, used by Angular CLI. Audience would get familiar with the Tree and Rule objects concept. I want to show a working example of create, read, update and delete operations, performed by schematics, how can you make use of TypeScript compiler and how to send a task like package installation to NodeJS.


What will be covered here, are ng add, ng update, ng new, ng generate etc. commands, together with best practices, how to perform a unit tests, and end-to-end tests with the use of tools like mock npm registry.




Maciej Treder is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies, Twilio Champion, enthusiast of web technologies especially Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps, microservices, and the Internet of Things. He is the author of articles about JavaScript, NodeJS, and Angular. He's also an open source contributor – creator of the @ng-toolkit open source projec, a set of tools for expanding existing Angular applications.



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