Integrating SAP in JavaScript Apps: Komplex, yet simple

SAP systems solve a wide range of problems in enterprise environments and are therefore ubiquitous in these environments. Integrating with SAP systems is often advantageous, but given their vast scope might seem complex and expensive at first glance. We want to show how simple it can be to integrate SAP systems in cloud native applications. During the first part of this talk you will learn how applications can profit from integrating with SAP systems. In the second part we will show you how to build a cloud native JavaScript/TypeScript application, that can access SAP services or custom services from scratch. We will also show you how to continuously deploy this application, while adhering to common quality standards.


- Development of Node.js applications
- Integration via REST APIs
- Knowledge of TypeScript can be advantageous, but is optional


The participants learn about the cloud native best practices for the integration of SAP systems and which frameworks to use to make integration as simple as possible.




Marika Marszalkowski
Marika Marszalkowski is a Senior Developer for the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript and a fan of TypeScript.

Artem Kovalov
Artem Kovalov A Technical Product Owner living between customer interviews and code. I balance experience from hyper-growth start-ups and the enterprise world to deliver the best in class developer tools at SAP. You'll easily find me testing new JS quirks, coding around my Emacs config or documenting the latest released features. Otherwise, look at a tennis court or windsurfing spot!



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