React Native: Awesome Offline Apps with GraphQL

Mobile apps, unlike the web, are expected to be functional in offline mode. When we build hybrid apps using React Native, we can't afford to show empty or loading states in many scenarios. Pre-fetched data should be available to give a native like an experience. AsyncStorage is one of the existing solutions to handle such issues.

This works fine for small apps/side projects. When it comes to production apps, handling complex data in key-value pairs is really a pain. GraphQL comes into the picture at this point. GraphQL cache system is beautiful magic and at Omio, we leveraged the usage of GraphQL cache to handle offline data for hybrid mobile apps created using React Native.


Basic idea about React Native and GraphQL


This talk will enable the audience to have a fair understanding of building gffline hybrid apps




Vilva Athiban Periyasamy Boominathan
Vilva Athiban Periyasamy Boominathan is a JavaScript developer and React/GraphQL enthusiast. He has a special interest over Developer Psychology and tries to contribute to the community in all possible ways. He is on a secret mission to make the browser a better and safe place to surf. When not coding, you can see him playing/listening to music near river-side.



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