Welcome NestJS – finally a NodeJS Framework that allows to scale

For many years NodeJS was hyped as an awesome backend technology. Express.JS, Socket.IO or even Koa are all awesome libraries … but something was missing… a common architecture to scale. Every team has to come up with their own architecture solution that sometimes ended well, sometimes not. Onboarding new developers into the team always required a lot of time to explain how your application is structure, which folder structures and linting rules you committed to due many meetings.
NestJS is an opinionated approach for your NodeJS enterprise architecture that comes with a generator and many ready to use integrations for Modules, Rest-APIs, Authentication, GraphQL, and Microservices.


Basic knowledge about Backend development. You should know what is a Rest API and a Database ;)


See how much you can achieve with an opinionated framework like NestJS that lets you focus on solving your actual business problems instead of discussing project file structure.




Robin Böhm is Trainer, Author and Mentor focused on modern web technologies like Angular, React and NestJS. His passion is to teach people and build communities for developers. He founded Angular.DE, wrote several books about Angular and organizes the NG-DE Conference. At his company Workshops.DE, he is working together with a team of 26 professional trainers and embraces the remote-first approach.



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