Mittwoch, 13:50 Uhr

Common Ways We Break Accessibility and How to Avoid Them

A great deal of what makes a website accessible is fairly straightforward to achieve, but only once we know what to look out for! Over 70 % of websites are broken for disabled users, including those who rely on assistive tech, such as screen readers and magnifiers, to navigate the web. That's a good 10-20 % of your user base who can't pay for your product.

In this talk, we will go over some common front-end (anti)patterns and how they affect accessibility while otherwise going virtually undetected. We'll cover how to get the same results without breaking your site for disabled users, including real-life examples of how we've we've avoided these pitfalls at The Financial Times.

Basic knowledge of web development. No prior accessibility knowledge needed.

Learning the basics about accessibility and how to avoid breaking it for users.

Laura Carvajal
(The Financial Times)

Laura is a senior developer at the Financial Times building She has been working in web development for the past 15 years.